Halo Infinite

Xbox exec wants a collaboration between Halo and Tesla

Could the Cybertruck be set to make an appearance in Infinite?

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Most people are aware that Elon Musk is an avid PC gamer, even though he previously said he does not have as much time to play anymore. Still, his Tesla cars have several games, as we previously reported about, and the latest Model S even runs The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt. But what about Musk and video games?

When someone asked Musk during the weekend what consoles games he has been playing and what his favorite is - he simply replied: "Only Halo."

This was noted by both the official Halo account and the Xbox marketing boss Aaron Greenberg on Twitter. And the latter really wants a collaboration between the Tesla Cybertruck and Halo, and even thinks that Xbox fans should speak up about this:

"Sure feels like a Tesla x Halo collab needs to happen at some point!? #Cybertruck #Warthog

To be clear this would be a dream collab for me and many fans I know. So if you like the idea, speak up and maybe something in the future could happen, who knows!?"

Would you like to see Telsa and Microsoft do something together with the Cybertruck?

Halo Infinite

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