Fall Guys: Ultimate Knockout

Xbox Game Pass claims Fall Guys is coming for the service, Devolver Digital disagrees

Looks like someone made a huge gaffe.

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In what must be considered one of the least official and best hidden reveals ever, the Xbox Game Pass account on Instagram just wrote that last years hit Fall Guys: Ultimate Knockout is coming to Microsoft's popular subscription service.

This didn't happen in a new post though, but rather as a reply to a user who wrote "i want fall guys on game pass", followed by an angry emoji. This made the Game Pass account reply: "it's coming". There has been some interactions between the Xbox Game Pass account and Fall Guys on social media (Twitter) lately, which had led to speculations about this.

And the story could've ended there, but it seems like someone at the Xbox Game Pass team has made a huge gaffe. When this was discovered, the publisher Devolver Digital clarified on Twitter that "There are no plans for Fall Guys to come to any form of Gamepass".

And with that, we're back to square one with Fall Guys: Ultimate Knockout only being available for PC and PlayStation 4. It's worth pointing out that it is pretty bad form from the Xbox team to promise that games will come when they aren't, especially when it is such a big title as this one, exclusive to a competitor. We wouldn't rule out that it will come sooner or later though, but due to an exclusive deal, Devolver Digital cannot talk about it.

Fall Guys: Ultimate Knockout

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