Xbox May update now released with plenty of new features

It adds groups for Quick Resume and enhanced parental controls.

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If you started your Xbox yesterday, you probably noticed that you were prompted about an update. This is the May update, which brings a couple of cool new features.

The main new thing is that Quick Resume has gotten better as you can use Groups to see which games you currently have in a Quick Resume state. We suggest you pin this Group on your starting page, as its a convenient life hack for Xbox. Microsoft also says Quick Resume now sports "improved reliability and faster load times", which sound pretty great.

Another new feature is that you game by game can allow (or ban) certain multiplayer games for your kids with the Xbox Family Settings app or just do it straight from the console. You can also view trailers for Xbox Game Pass titles straight from the library to save you a bunch of clicking if you just want to find out if a certain title seems to be for you. Passthrough audio for media apps has also been added with the May update, something we know audiophiles will appreciate.

Finally, a new dynamic background called Motes has been added. This one is inspired by the dashboard of the original Xbox, and if you wish to pimp your console with it, just follow these steps:

Settings > General > Personalization > My background > Dynamic background

Xbox May update now released with plenty of new features

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