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Xcom 2

Xcom 2 is now Xbox One X Enhanced

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The various technical issues found in the Xbox One version of the otherwise excellent Xcom 2 rendered the game almost unplayable for some people. Several patches from Firaxis weren't enough to perfect the game on the vanilla/S models of Microsoft's hardware, but now it seems early adopters of the more powerful X model will finally be able to enjoy the game's tactical delights to the full.

As explained by the developers in the patch notes that landed alongside the patch, owners of the Xbox One X are getting a new title update, making the game part of the growing "XBX Enhanced" list in the process. The graphics look better with higher-quality DoF, anti-aliasing, reflections, and 1440p increased resolution. Other than that, Windows Central also reports a more stable framerate. The update is also available to PS4 users, who share the War of the Chosen gameplay tweaks and improved shadow rendering with their Xbox One-owning counterparts.

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Xcom 2

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