Yabuki thinks it's "too early" for Arms 2 on the Switch

The first game will keep getting updates.

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Even though it didn't replicate the success of other new franchises such as Splatoon, Nintendo's effort with Arms managed to strike a chord among the Switch community, and it's now considered a mid-tier success. The third-person fighter earned itself a competitive following, and its development team kept adding content and tweaks via regular updates even beyond their original post-launch plan. Now producer Kosuke Yabuki has looked at the game's status and potential future.

Yabuki understands that "it's still too early" for a sequel "since not even a year has passed since Arms' release" for the Switch, according to NintendoEverything's translation of a Famitsu interview. At the same time, the Japanese producer confirms they plan to keep updating the original game, and talking about a potential Arms 2 is something that will happen later on, when it could "surprise" people.

Would you like to motion-control your arms in a sequel?


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