Microsoft Flight Simulator

Yes, you can play Flight Simulator on a plane

The question we've all been mulling over has finally been answered.

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One of life's greatest questions has been solved finally. We now know that you can play Microsoft Flight Simulator, on a plane: It's planeception. Rami Ismail, the former Vlambeer developer tested out the theory and discovered that anything is possible in this day and age, well... except visiting a pub or going to the cinema: that's so 2019.

Ismail documented his experience detailing that he attempted to reflect every aspect of his actual flight, in the game, to see how accurate the simulated title really is. Ismail stated that throughout the duration of his flight, "the sim was about four minutes fast," and that the "weather matched, light matched, stars matched."

Essentially, what this proves is that Flight Simulator is actually a pretty realistic experience, not that we have had any major reason to doubt that from the get-go.

You can follow Ismail's documentation of his flight, through a Twitter thread, right here.

Microsoft Flight Simulator

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