Doom Eternal

You can breeze through Doom Eternal in under 90 minutes

id's shooter has been out less than a week and already there are players killing demons at speed.

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id Software's Doom Eternal was released last Friday, on March 20, and you can read our review right here if you'd like to know our opinion on the matter. The newly launched shooter is fast, violent, brutal, and hectic. Because of this, it shouldn't be a surprise to hear that you can play the whole game through really quickly... at least by using glitches and other bugs to your advantage.

With that being the case, speedrunner CreeperHntr played through the game in 1:26:16, while BloodThunder stopped the clock at 1:28:25. They used a bunch of glitches and not-so-honourable tactics, but hey: only the end result matters, right? And you can't deny that these are both displays of skill.

Check out the speedruns via the links provided. Do you speedrun, or watch others doing it? Leave your comments below.

Doom Eternal

Thanks, PC Gamer.

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