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You can finally play Apex Legends Trios solo

The No-Fill option is for the brave Legends out there.

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Earlier today, we reported on the new Chaos Theory Collection Event coming to Apex Legends, but Respawn has also released the patch notes coming to the live game. From heavy nerfs to Caustic and the ability to play the Trios mode solo with the No-Fill option, these patch notes have listed quite a few important changes.

The No-Fill option will be available to the brave Legends out there, who prefer playing the game solo, and while Respawn has said, "We still strongly believe that, at its best, Apex Legends is a game about teamplay," the option is going to be available as a new matchmaking alternative.

Apex Legends

Respawn has also shown off a look at the Caustic Treatment location that has taken the place of the Water Treatment facility on the map. This location comes with a special activity that allows players to plunge into the toxic waters to acquire Gold items to wield in-game.

Apex Legends

On the topic of Caustic, the Legend will be seeing a nerf to his Nox Gas. This ability will tick for a flat rate of 5HP now, instead of starting at 6HP and scaling all the way to 12HP worth of damage. The Nox Gas Grenade will also have a slightly longer cooldown. A few other Legends also saw tweaks, including Wattson who now has passive shield regeneration and Horizon, whose Black Hole now has a three-minute cooldown, over its previous two-minute timer.

In terms of weapons, the Mastiff is getting a decrease to its damage-per-pellet, but will be getting a faster firing rate. Likewise, the Hemlok's hip-fire spread is being increased, and the Wingman will get an extra bullet in each magazine it uses.

There are also a bunch of quality of life changes and bug fixes that have been noted, but to read into them, you can head over to the actual patch notes linked above.

For more Apex Legends content, be sure to check out the trailer for the Chaos Theory Collection Event below.

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