Rainbow Six: Extraction

You can get rewards for Rainbow Six: Extraction by playing Rainbow Six: Siege

Extraction will also feature cross-progression, cross-play, and cross-save on day one.

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Ubisoft recently released a short new video hyping up the next instalment into the Rainbow Six universe, Rainbow Six: Extraction. The video touches upon a variety of different areas including that the game will in fact feature cross-progression, cross-save, and cross-play on day one.

But more than that, Ubisoft also revealed that Extraction players will get rewards for also playing Rainbow Six: Siege, and vice-versa. The bonuses include the United Front bundle, which is bringing a series of a variety of cosmetics for the Operators that the bundle is based around. Moreover, the bundle will also unlock all 18 of the Extraction Operators in Siege permanently, if you don't already own them. In total, Ubisoft values the bundle at approximately $40.

Rainbow Six: Extraction is looking to release relatively soon, on September 16 to be exact, and will be coming to PC, PS4, PS5, Xbox One, Xbox Series, and Stadia.

Take a look at the short video that touches on all of this below.

Rainbow Six: Extraction

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