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You can now find all the lore of PlayerUnkown's Battlegrounds in one place

PUBG Corp. has just announced a lore website of the good old battle royale.

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PUBG Corporation has announced a centre for the many lores of PlayerUnkown's Battlegrounds in a single website. It comes with the new Season 9 lore, focusing on Paramo, the latest map available in the battle royale.

The brand new lore video, called "Mysteries Unknown - Paramo" is narrated by actor Jonathan Frakes (Star Trek: The Next Generation, Beyond Belief: Fact or Fiction). It brings you to the mysteries of the city of Paramo of the Andes Mountains. It is believed that the forgotten city is the home to an artefact known as the Paramo Stone, that can render its wielder unaged.

There will be more stories unveiled over the course of PUBG Season 9, which will be focused on Mad Malholtra, one of the Sanhok Four who were introduced in Season 8. The stories will cover Mad's battle against a new villain character, Jonathan Kamau.

Check the "Mysteries Unknown - Paramo" video above!

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