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You can soon save more Xbox One vids on Onedrive

New update brings additional space.

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Microsoft is in process of bringing online an upgrade across all Onedrive accounts, giving users more storage space for their files. What this means for gamers is you can now upload and share a lot more gameplay videos from your Xbox One without hitting space limitations.

The basic (and free) option now has 15 GB of space instead of 7 GB, and Office subscribers can get as much as 1 TB of space (used to be 20 GB) without additional cost.

If you are one of the early birds enjoying 25 GB of free space, you can keep using that. Using Onedrive for your mobile camera roll or inviting friends still gets you a few gigs of additional space.

In the event of you needing more space, the company has also reduced monthly prices of extra 100 and 200 GB options by 70%.

You can soon save more Xbox One vids on Onedrive

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