The Walking Dead: The Final Season

"You don't need to watch" The Walking Dead's torturous trailer

The latest Broken Toys teaser is uncompromising as Skybound Games looks to start wrapping things up for the troubled episodic series.

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The Walking Dead - The Final Season's penultimate episode will finally release in less than a week's time (on January 15, in fact), as the series comes to an end following its shaky switch between studios.

Now Skybound Games is finally ready to go and the latest trailer of the third episode pulls no punches as "Clem faces some tense decisions". Now, "you don't need to watch this", we hear right before a torturous moment, but we're sure TWD fans already ignored this warning and went straight on down to watch the video below.

Are you looking forward to this long-running saga coming to an end?

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