Beyond Good & Evil 2

You have a chance to vote on Beyond Good & Evil 2 locations

Ubisoft took the opportunity to offer two very beautiful artworks.

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Michel Ancel and his Ubisoft Montpellier team are working hard to create the best possible experience for Beyond Good & Evil 2. We already knew that the French developer intends to ask the community for their opinions through the Space Monkeys program which was announced at E3. Today, the devs need your help to create their next environment. You can choose between five locations that give us some clues as to what we could be in for. Visit the official website to make your voice heard on one of the most anticipated games in development:

"What types of environments are you looking forward to discovering, exploring and expressing yourselves in, as free pirates in System 3? Here's a short list of some of the places we've been thinking about—tell us where your imagination takes you, Space Monkeys!

• Secret Pirate lairs on asteroids, spaceports, dormant volcanic craters...
• Black markets in city slums
• Treacherous mining operations
• Lush valleys with sacred temples
• Legendary treasures hidden in uncharted territories across space"

Furthermore, three new pieces of concept art was released:

Beyond Good & Evil 2
Beyond Good & Evil 2
Beyond Good & Evil 2

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