You won't get to "pick your mutations" in Rad

We spoke with Lee Petty about the upcoming Double Fine game Rad at E3.

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Double Fine's Rad is set to officially release in August and we sat down with Lee Petty to talk about the unique roguelike and its mutation mechanic at E3 2019. When asking about the mechanic, Petty had plenty to say, as it's most definitely one of the more unique features the game has to offer.

"Your character is remade by the town elder and instead of dying, they mutate to gain new abilities to help them on their quest", Petty stated. "Our big goal with the mutation system was, a lot of roguelikes randomise the world and the flow, we wanted to randomise the player, so you don't get to pick your mutations. When you fill your rad meter by exploring the world and defeating muties, you randomly mutate. That form of mutation we call exo-mutations are always visualised in the character, it changes your appearance, and our goal is to sort of challenge the player to adapt their play style to what we're giving them. There may be imperfect tools, but that's kind of the fun of roguelikes, those high highs and low lows where you're kind of given these circumstances".

There's more to this mutation mechanic as well, Petty explained, stating "If you keep surviving you continue to mutate, and if, you can have up to three of these [mutations] simultaneously on your character, you still survive they sort of branch and change as well and they can be combined with each other, some of them have like hidden combinations and stuff. There's really a lot of complexity even though on the surface it's quite simple".

You can check our full interview out below.

Are you excited to explore the post-post-apocalyptic wastelands of Rad?


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