You'll be able to create PSVR content with Dreams

There'll be an online sharing component for VR Dreams as well.

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First unveiled in 2015, Media Molecule's game Dreams will finally come to a PlayStation 4 near you sometime this year, so both Sony and the studio are starting to share more details on how the unique concept will manifest itself in-game. Studio director Siobhan Reddy, for instance, unveils that, even though it won't be available at launch, users will be able to create experiences not just for the standard PS4, but also for their virtual reality Dreams.

This reveal came in the latest issue of Edge magazine (via Reddit), which also says there'll be an online platform linked to the Create mode to share and play other users' VR Dreams.

Precaution in terms of sensitive content seems to be what's keeping MM from having these features at launch, however, Reddy told Edge that "we've got all sorts of ideas about what we can do with age ratings and what we will do with all of these different ideas, but we're lucky to have a base."

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